Inquiry arc: 2017-2020

For the last few years I’ve used Beyond this Brief Anomaly primarily as a platform for announcing work stemming from the inquiry that has been published through other channels, rather than for releasing original content. That’s mainly because the work I’ve been doing has been in collaboration with other people. While I’ve highlighted the two books (three including the German translation of Carbon Civilisation and the Energy Descent Future published in September) in particular, and a few spin-off articles and events related to those, there have also been a number of peer-reviewed journal articles that either add directly to the inquiry here, or that address issues that are thematically connected. I’ve been slow off the mark linking these directly here, with the oldest of these going back three years now.

To make the inquiry record as comprehensive as possible, I’ll introduce these papers here in reverse chronological order simply by posting the abstracts, with links to the journal or manuscript versions on my own repository website where relevant. The manuscripts also contain links to the article pages on the journal websites.

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Thinking about hydrogen economies

The April 2020 issue of Ecogeneration magazine includes an article by Graham Palmer and me titled ‘How should we think about a hydrogen economy’. It’s based on our new book Energy Storage and Civilization: A Systems Approach. I’ve included an excerpt here, and the full article is available from the Ecogeneration website at the link above. Continue reading