Carbon Civilisation and the Energy Descent Future: Life Beyond this Brief Anomaly

As flagged last week, I’m very pleased to announce the release Carbon Civilisation and the Energy Descent Future: Life Beyond this Brief Anomaly, co-authored with Sam Alexander.

From the back cover blurb:

Carbon civilisation is powered predominately by finite fossil fuels and with each passing day it becomes harder to increase or even maintain current supply. Our one-off fossil energy inheritance is but a brief anomaly in the evolution of the human story, a momentary energy spike from the perspective of deep time.

Today humanity faces the dual crises of fossil fuel depletion and climate change, both of which are consequences of the modern world’s fundamental reliance on the energy abundance provided by fossil energy sources. Can renewable energy replace the fossil energy foundations of carbon civilisation?

This book examines these issues and presents a narrative linking energy and society that maintains we should be preparing for renewable futures neither of energy abundance nor scarcity, but rather energy sufficiency. For industrial societies, this means navigating energy descent futures.

Carbon Civilisation is written for a general audience and doesn’t assume any existing background in energy-related issues. It is likely to be of interest to anyone tuned in to or participating in the public conversation and media coverage around climate and energy. That said, it will also have relevance for many people with more specialist involvement in these areas. Click this link to see the table of contents (pdf).

The book is available for purchase in paperback here (or here for orders shipping to Australia — price from suppliers should reduce to equivalent of AUD $25 + shipping some time shortly after 16 November). We will also have copies available for $24.99 at all events where The Rescope Project is appearing in coming months. And if you happen to live in Melbourne, you can arrange to get a copy from me directly.

An e-book version (pdf) is available for purchase here.

Publication details:
Title: Carbon Civilisation and the Energy Descent Future: Life Beyond this Brief Anomaly
Authors: Samuel Alexander and Joshua Floyd
Publisher: Simplicity Institute, Melbourne, in association with The Rescope Project
Publication date: 12 September 2018
Cover art: Pawel Kuczynski
Cover design: Sharon France
Pages: 135
ISBN: 978-0-9942828-0-4 (paperback)

2 thoughts on “Carbon Civilisation and the Energy Descent Future: Life Beyond this Brief Anomaly

  1. Great looking forward to read it. But why not in e-book format? Wasting precious resources for printing books, aside from not having any space for storing bulky books anymore.

    • Thanks very much for your interest in the book, Peter. I’ve just added a separate link above for the e-book version (pdf).

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